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FOR BETTER HEALTH, Leader in Management and Organisation in Health Care in Morocco


Health systems in the world face enormous and unprecedent challenges. Ageing population, new technologies, new health crises, increased cost and increased population expectations are all pressures on Governments and Health providers. Organisations have to adapt, transform and innovate to be able to ensure effective and efficient healthcare to growing population.

At For Better Health, we work with Governmental, charity and private establishments to ensure robust leadership and strong organisations. Our work is based on worldwide sounds models and our experts have the knowledge and expertise that respond to the environment you exist and the population you serve.


Not one system or organisation will work for everyone. Establishing patients’ pathways which ensure efficient and effective care for a population ,has been well recognised model of care.

At For Better Health, we have established patient pathways that extend from primary care to post tertiary care ensuring continuity of care, timely, and cost effective of each intervention. We have also established INTEGRATED patients’ pathways for chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and respiratory diseases.

We have expertise in making patients’ flow leaner and service streamlines, and safer.


Whether it is a Government or private Hospital, your operations should be as effective and efficient as possible to ensure offer quality care to your patients and keep your cost to minimum. Your human resources are your wealth as well as your most expensive asset. Therefore, ensuring good function of your services and optimising your workforce are the most important pillars of your operation. At For Better Health, we assess each service you offer in your organisation and we optimise its operation.


At For Better Health, we intend to help you to have a clear strategy of your establishment which serves your patients, and their needs and make sense to your workforce. Your expenditure on the expensive medical equipment must ensure a healthy return while it serves well patients.

We help you to formulate your mission and your purpose. Therefore, ensuring good operation, establishing leaner patients’ pathways, ensuring clear roles and responsibilities of staff and leads guarantee efficiency of your services.


We base our work on National and Internationals standards. We adapt practices derived from well-developed healthcare systems that are regulated and monitored by highly advanced bodies such as: Haute Autorité de Santé, France, Commission of Quality Care, UK and ISO Certification.

We support you in setting up the procedures and protocols, train your staff and ensure changes are operationalised.


For Better Health Academy provides a range of training for doctors, nurses and other Health Professionals. Our training programme include technical and non-technical skills, and it is delivered at workplace, classrooms, distant learning or on our state-of-the-art e-learning platform.

Most of our training is certified by local and International bodies and is embedded within a continuous development programme.


Our expertise in Healthcare and profound knowledge of the culture and environment we act in allow us to be the partner of choice.

We have shown to add great value to our partners based abroad and with limited access to Morocco in matter of knowledge and human resources.


Most of great leaders have benefited at least once from a coach or a mentor. Professional coaching is well established as a tool of development and enhancing people potential. This is a well-established fact in sport and big corporations.

Our Coaches practise in Healthcare organisations and have great knowledge of the challenges and opportunities within sector.

Our coaching sessions are delivered through For Better Health Academy E-learning platform.


We carry out all sorts of audits including examination of the financial report of your organisation.

We have also great expertise in clinical audits, and we assist health professionals to develop a clinical audit culture within their organisations that ensures continuous improvement of patient care. Therefore, our expertise covers the whole length of the organisation from the frontline to the Executive Board.


We aim to develop and improve medical technology solutions. With our future-proof solutions, we continuously improve efficiency and quality in the healthcare industry. Our interventions has been as basic as developing establishment websites, which will reflect your excellence to purchasing and installing advanced technology equipment.

We have a number of financial support packages that can enable your business to benefit from our service