Quality policy

FOR BETTER HEALTH, Leader in Management and Organisation in Health Care in Morocco

FOR BETTER HEALTH is committed to provide all the human and material resources necessary to meet the needs of customers while guaranteeing them a quality service in accordance with the legal, regulatory and normative requirements according to the ISO 9001 Version 2015 standard and commits in the process of continuous improvement of its quality management system.

Our quality policy is based on three main objectives :

Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Guarantee listening to customers, in order to identify their needs by setting up a satisfaction survey while respecting the rules of ethics and confidentiality
  • Effectively handle complaints by implementing corrective actions
  • Protect confidential customer information
Maintain the quality of service and the performance of the services offered
  • Build strategic partnerships
  • Ensure continuous improvement of process performance
  • Guarantee an efficient technical platform
  • Ensure a constant technological and regulatory news
Actively pursue the strengthening of our human and organizational skills in order to meet strategic imperatives
  • Develop the expertise necessary to carry out the activities
  • Periodic assessment of staff competence
  • Establish a training plan

Management reviews and audits are put in place to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and consistency of the quality management system.

Our values are rigor, ethics, quality and respect for our customers. They commit us to provide professional work at all times and encourage us to seek ways to continuously improve the quality of our services.

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